Mother of all I Haven’t Posted in a While Posts

By: Jeremy | January 25th, 2012

Ok, so it has been a good while since my last post. A real good while. Like close to a year and a half. I’ve been in Haiti a lot so I just haven’t been able to keep up. I’m in Haiti right now even but now my internet actually works so I thought it was time I posted again.

Just to catch up since my last post, Newell’s has pretty much screwed the old proverbial perro. Two coaches have departed and we don’t have any real marquee players. NOB is facing a potential relegation battle heading into the Clausura sitting 14th, and even though their promedio is a good bit better than All Boys at 17th a repeat of the Apertura’s 16 point campaign would be hard to overcome.

La Lepra didn’t look good last season. It was even painful sometimes. And we didn’t even get a chance to salvage the season by beating Central since they went and got themselves relegated.

Fast forward to today. Favorite son Gerardo Martino has returned to el Parque as coach. His last coaching gig didn’t turn out too badly, and he is probably second to only Bielsa in fan adoration so his arrival has stirred the passions of the fan base. Yesterday he made his first (and possibly only) signing in defender Victor Lopez, from Banfield. I believe that Lopez negotiated his release from Banfield and signed with Newell’s so there was no official transfer fee.

The Clausura starts on February 12 with a trip to Estudiantes and then a home match the following week versus Argentinos. I’ll see if I can dredge up their preseason matches and get that up next.

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